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The Regis University “JOOC” is a Jesuit Open Online Conversation.*


The JOOC’s content comes celebrating 25 years of the MNM program. This course provides an opportunity to discuss the past, present, and future of the nonprofit sector.  


A few outcomes include:

Engage is dialogue and discussion regarding these topics with Regis University Friends and Family.

Discuss ways to improve the nonprofit organization you work with. 


The JOOC will be similar to MOOCs in format. Since the content was derived from a current course at the university, the 4 sections of content will be offered over an 8 week time span. Participants will have a new section to view every 2 weeks and can re-visit old sections as the course continues. The course will be facilitated by Daniel Moore, Director of Alumni Engagement.  


For alumni and friends joining the course, we will be using an online platform. The user will see a variety of reading selections, videos and discussion threads throughout each segment. Dynamic engagement will come from each individual contribution, often moderated and enhanced by Daniel Moore.